Road Trips and Rest Stops

good memories of some great days of past…

Envisioning The American Dream

vintage illustration vacationers traveling in car Pack up and Go!

Summer road trips have long been an American staple.

Joining the millions of other mid-century family’s, my own suburban family took to the road in search of summertime family fun.

Want to beat the heat…it was easy to cool off by car. Roll down the windows and take the swelter out of summer!

Summer Vacation

vintage image 1950s family in car at gas station Vintage Texaco Ad 1958

Loading the family in our Plymouth Savoy – the car the ads boasted with plenty of knee flexing, arm stretching, hat wearing, roominess- we hit the open highways. Unencumbered by pesky seat-belts we were open to whatever adventure came our way.

Gliding in to the backseat carefully, the back of my thighs would always stick rudely to the hot plastic seat causing me to wonder why my mother ordered the darn protective seat cover in the first place. Begrudgingly though, I had to admit the patterned plastic…

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